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Protecting Profit, Building Business


Theft in pubs and restaurants accounts for 32% of business failures. 62% of employees will steal from the business, with 46% doing it repeatedly. You don’t need to become a statistic. Southwell ACT will carry out your stock takes, identify strengths, weaknesses and suggest how you could improve your profit margin.

  • Increased gross profit
  • Improved cash-flow
  • Reduced wastage
  • Better stock management


Work smarter not harder at building your business. SouthwellACT combine financial improvements with strategic marketing to build your business. Our consultant will coach you so when we leave you have the tools to continue your personal growth and ensure success of your business.

  • Improved life balance
  • Better financial results
  • Profitable promotions
  • Effective stratefic planning


A well trained team will increase sales by 20% and help you retain their services reducing your labour turnover and associated labour costs.

  • More customer visits
  • Increased customer spend
  • Happier customers
  • Happier team

"The restaurant business is a fast and furious environment. Having someone to support us when things are moving at this pace has been a gift for us and allowed the business to excel in area that we would have had little choice but to overlook! Steve and his team provide a wider support system than we could have ever been able to fund within the business. We look to Southwell to provide us with the platform we need to grow and expand in the future."

Rosie Goodman, Fudge Restaurant & Deli, Hull

Are your employees “counting” away your profit?



Are your employees “counting” away your profit?

Some staff like to make a little extra on the side...

Who’s setting the standards in your restaurant?



Who’s setting the standards in your restaurant?

Setting high standards? You must set a good example

Alternative ways to look at your figures



Alternative ways to look at your figures

These could also prove to be more informative

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