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Do you want 50 additional customers a week?

A slight twist this week on the theme of controlling costs.

Wednesday 14 June 2017

Do you know what your customers do in their day to day work? 

Many restaurants spend their marketing budget on placing adverts in newspapers, magazines, radio and other mass media.  Often there will be little return from these investments.  A client of mine came up with a really good idea to promote his restaurant, one that cost pennies.

One of his regular customers owns a hairdresser.  This customer loves the restaurant and visits at least once a week.  My client asked him if he would mind handing out vouchers for a free starter to all his customers.  The hairdresser liked the idea and took 500 vouchers.  In the first week handed out just over 300.

When the vouchers were brought in to the restaurant my client got his staff to mark the voucher of those visiting for the first time.  Of the 210 vouchers redeemed in the first ten days, 56 were new customers.

My client, the hairdresser and a couple of other local businesses are exchanging vouchers and promoting each other’s businesses.  Though the heady days of 50 new customers a week are over the numbers continue to grow steadily at about 10 – 15 per week.


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