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Periodically businesses need a health check. Southwell ACT will review your business identifying the strengths and weaknesses

Southwell ACT focus on key areas of marketing, finance and cost control to help your restaurant, pub, club or hotel to be successful.


What We Do


Many restaurants, pubs, clubs and hotels waste money on advertising.  Our unique approach will help you build guest loyalty and gain new business for your restaurant, pub, club or hotel.  We don’t use expensive marketing campaigns but focus on the basics and build from there.  

We support you with

  • Development of an annual marketing plan
  • Loyalty programme management
  • Social media marketing
  • Website design

Finance and cost control

Reducing costs will only give a small improvement to performance of your restaurant, bar or hotel.  Our financial and business benchmarking will identify where profitable sales opportunities exist, how you can gain them and retain them. 
But we don’t forget the cost management.  Working with your suppliers and our partners we will help you reduce your operating costs and maximise profit.

Financial management

Understanding and interpreting results fast is key to success.  We specialise in developing bespoke KPI systems for restaurants, pubs and hotels to provide essential management information quickly and efficiently.
Our trainers will help you to make sense of your management accounts and financial data to improve your management decisions.

Service standards

Consistent quality guest service is essential in your restaurant, pub, club or hotel.  Writing an operations standards manual is time consuming.  Using either our templated manual or a personalised one developed for your business our team will write a manual that you can use to induct and train your team and ensure your guests experience is always the best.

Virtual Operations Manager

Your business is growing but you can’t afford to employ a full-time Operations Manager. We have the answer “A Virtual Operations Manager”.  We’ll agree the frequency of visits, scope of activities and responsibilities to be included to ensure maximum benefit for your business.  

How and where should I promote my business?
What opportunities are there for growth?
Where can we make savings while improving our guest experience?

Better financial results
Effective profitable promotions
Effective strategic planning
Improved work/life balance

Would you like to know more?

If you would like to find out more about our personalised services or get advice about an issue you have then contact us.  We are always pleased to help be it by developing and managing your marketing or simply providing an answer to your problem.

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