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Making the most of your marketing budget

How can you maximise the return on your marketing investment?

How can you maximise the return on your marketing investment? 

We put a modern twist on marketing, looking at the role of traditional media, social media, business personality, image and branding and the influence they have on customer decisions.

Course content

  • Where and how marketing begins within your business
  • Understanding the different media available for marketing
  • The affect your business personality has on your marketing strategy
  • The pros and cons of social media marketing
  • Creating the right image through branding
  • How to build an effective promotional plan
  • Developing cost effective loyalty schemes

Learning outcomes

  • Know the make up of the existing customer base within the business
  • Understands what influences the customers within the business
  • Knows the different media that can be used to promote/advertise a business
  • Appreciates how the business image and brand can affect customer buying decisions
  • Can calculate the cost and benefits of an investment in a promotional campaign
  • Understands the benefits of loyalty schemes

Free tools

As with every course we provide you a suite of tools to help you manage your business efficiently and profitably.

  • Birthday club loyalty scheme template
  • Promotional calendar
  • Cost benefit calculator

Length and cost of training

Our making the most of your marketing budget training is a full day course.  The cost per delegate is £89.

If you have a venue that we could use, then we would provide 1 FREE delegate place for the hosting company. 

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