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Menu engineering – How to improve your profits by 10% - 15%

Are you looking at improving your gross profit from food sales?

Are you looking at improving your gross profit from food sales?  Well better menu design, purchasing, promotions and pricing will ensure you maximise the profit of your food operation.

Our course covers all these aspects and provides advise on how to improve your food profit performance

Course content

Costing your menu
Categorising your menu items according to how profitable they are
Designing your physical menu
Testing your menu design
Pricing strategies for menus that will maximise profit

Learning outcomes

  • Understand how to calculate the selling price for dishes included on the menu
  • Understands how to assess the profit contribution of each menu item to the overall profit of the menu and business
  • Understands how different designs of menus can affect buying behaviour
  • Understands how wording, product positioning and pricing strategies affect buying behaviour
  • Are aware how different pricing strategies will affect the profits of the business

Free tools

As with every course we provide you a suite of tools to help you manage your business efficiently and profitably.

  • Recipe costing template
  • Menu engineering template

Length and cost of training

Our maximising profit from food operations training is a full day course.  The cost per delegate is £89.

If you have a venue that we could use, then we would provide 1 FREE delegate place for the hosting company. 

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