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A well trained, motivated team is essential for any restaurant, pub, club or hotel if they are to retain guests and be successful.  Southwell ACT provide a range of training services to support your business.


What We Do

Pre-opening training and team building

When starting a business, it is key to have your team working from the same script. Southwell ACT will develop and deliver a programme to ensure the opening of your restaurant, pub or hotel goes smoothly.

Guest service training

Well trained staff deliver excellent guest service leading to repeat business and higher guest spend. Southwell ACT provide bespoke training in all aspects of guest service to ensure your team consistently deliver your guests that exceptional experience.

Team and guest safety

Our partners offer a range of accredited food safety and health and safety courses designed specifically for restaurants, pubs and hotels.  These can be delivered through web courses or directly to your team on your premises.

Coffee break training

Ensuring essential skills are maintained and legislative requirements met is a difficult task for many restaurants, pubs, clubs and hotels.  Southwell ACT has developed a range of 10-minute refresher courses to reinforce training and ensure your team are always up to date.

Workshops and One to One Coaching

Southwell ACT also run a number of workshops throughout the year.  Keep an eye on our “Events” page to see what courses are coming up and where they will be. Alternatively, we can provide you or your management team with one to one coaching.


Training Courses

To give you a flavour of the course here are just a few we run regularly.

Managing the money

We explain management accounts, balance sheets, breakeven, KPI’s and much more to help you become more financially astute.

Building better business

We help you to develop profitable marketing campaigns that help grow market share and increase repeat business

Profit from food

You run a food operation, but how profitable is it?  We show you how to calculate your profit margin, cook, prepare and serve profitable dishes and to construct and present your written menu to maximise profit.

If you are able or would like to offer your restaurant, pub, club or hotel as a venue for our training we would be extremely grateful and in return would offer you 2 free places on any course we run at your premises.

How can I ensure we always deliver great guest service?
How can my team increase guest expenditure and improve profit?
Do my team know their responsibilities?
How can I ensure my training is always up to date?

Increased customer visits
Happier customers
Increased customer spend
Happier team

Would you like to know more?

If you would like to find out more about our training programmes then contact us.  We are always pleased to help be it by developing a training package for you and executing the training or simply providing advice.

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