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Who’s setting the standards in your restaurant?

Setting high standards? You must set a good example

Thursday 10 August 2017

It’s great being the owner of a restaurant or pub restaurant, there are plenty of perks, including free drinks and complimentary meals.  After all, as the owner you’re paying the suppliers for the goods so the stock is yours.

I have often seen independent owners help themselves to a fresh baked roll, grilled steak or bacon sandwich.  What if the operator were to take a bit of cash from the till.  Do you think this would go unnoticed by the staff?

These practises are quite common in independent restaurants and pubs, but they send the wrong messages to employees.  Staff take their lead from the owner/manager of the business.  So, if they see you taking the odd bread roll then it is okay for them to do the same.  And believe me, they won’t stop at the bread roll.

As the leader of your business, you have an immeasurable impact of the business.  Your ethics and work habits will impact greatly on the culture of the business.  If you want to set high standards then you must adhere to them.

If you are in the habit of entertaining family and friends in your restaurant make sure you pay for your meals.  Make sure everything is rung through your register.  It’s okay to offer staff a discount for meals they have, and for you to take advantage of these discounts too.  But make sure you pay the balance and are seen to do so by your staff. 

I always paid for my meals on my credit card.  Okay the cards balance was settled by the business, but the staff didn’t know, as far as they were concerned I paid for my meals and drinks.

Remember never steal from your restaurant, this is one example you don’t want your staff following.


In addition to a lax attitude towards theft and cash your mood when in the business will affect your team and how they interact with guests.  Being sullen or unenthusiastic will bring the team down and affect the atmosphere and mood of the guests.  These bad vibes will quickly damage your reputation and lose business.

It is a good policy to never bring an argument in to work, never have conflict on the floor or in earshot of guests.  Remember the restaurant, bar or any front of house area is your stage and you only want the best performances there.


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